DVB-T Astrometa

Hi again,

I return the DVB-T dongle i bought and got another one that I was hoping supporting Linux better. I got the Astrometa DVB-T2 (Realtek and Panasonic) which reading a bit on internet should work pretty good on Linux. I tried but still dont manage to get TVheadend to see the adapters. What I see in the logs it seems that it loads correctly even though i dont find it in \dev (but then im no way an expert in this). is there anything i missed? I have tried rebooting, taking out the dongle, restarted, reinstalled tvhead etc.
my log:

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I know you are working on an official adapter but i couldn’t wait as i think the TV would be an excellent feature for the Vero 4k.



sorry i did not see this topic Realtek RTL2832 DVB-T adapter not working but i guess he is in the same boat as I?