DVB-T2/DVB-C TV dongle

Could someone please advise,

Im planning on getting 2 of these as i have 2 Vero 4k+`s

Would each device be able to see the others recording and play them?

On each device how many chanels can it record / play at once

Not really had much experience with TVHeadend as my older Vero4k uses the old WMC


You don’t need two because you have two Veros. You might need two if you want to watch or record two channels at once.

Attach both to one of your veros, using a powered USB hub (they are quite power-hungry) and run tvheadend on that vero. Also, you will probably want to attach a USB disk to that vero for recordings. The other vero just needs to run the HTS add-on to view live TV or the recordings made on the TVH server vero.

Each tuner can tune in to one ‘mux’ at a time then each vero will be able to view or record any channel on that mux. Freeview provides at least 6 muxes.

Cheers, thats how I have the wmc version at minute, but but looking to move it off the htpc at some point, just didnt know how many chanels the vero 4k would be able to handle streaming over the ethernet

Does the channel changes happen quickly?

Yes, the zapping is quite fast (a second or two)

Cheers Sam, is there a maximum number of the dongles that can be added, due to bandwidth available though the same USB port / processing power to be able to record / stream over the 1gb ethernet

I wouldn’t recommend adding more than 6.

lol i wasnt going to go that far i was thinking 3 :slight_smile:

last question do the dongles accept normal RF connections i know some seem to have a mini port but come with a adapter

Yes – you can connect your coaxial cable directly.