DVB-T2 Flickering/Frameskipping issue



I use a Vero 4K+ with the DVB-T2 PCTV 292e USB Stick and TVHeadend.

When I watch Live TV on the Vero I get the following issue

Unfortunately i have this frameskipping/freezing.
Only in DVB-T2 the video freezes for some seconds then it plays really fast forward every frames that came over until the actual point and then plays back in normal speed. The issue comes every minute Sound plays back without any errors all the time. The Signal strenght is good. I tested DVB-T2 on my TV with a seperate hardware reciever.




Please post a debug log when this happens so we can see what is going on



I send you the link via pm


Enable Adjust Refresh Rate


Hallo Sam,

the issue is not solved. The Video freezes after some seconds and starts again. The sound is clear and didn’t interupt. The fast frward effect is gone with this setting.

I turned on the Auto refresh rate in the code settings for the playback.




We would need to see a debug log with this option enabled.

Does it also happen with recordings or just Live TV?



Hallo Sam I send you the logs via pm it also happend during recording.