DVB-T2 TV dongle firmware

I purchased the DVB-T2 TV dongle from the OSMC shop but I am not able to get it to work in tvheadend on rasbian stretch lite on a Raspberry Pi 3B+. My other dongle works fine on this same system but does not have HD which is why I bought the new dongle.
I was however able to install OSMC on the same Raspberry Pi and get the DVB-T2 TV dongle working there on tvheadend with HD channels.
I think raspbian stretch uses the wrong firmware for this dongle.
I would really like to run this dongle on a headless tvheadend box without OSMC.
Is there and apt-get command or similar that I could run on raspian to make it download and use the same working firmware that is being used by OSMC?

You can just run sudo systemctl disable mediacenter to stop Kodi from running. This will give you a minimal system.