DVB tv

Hi. I recently bought this DVB-T donglehttps://shop.pimoroni.com/products/dvb-t-dongle-ideal-for-ads-b-real-time-plane-tracking) so far I’ve not managed to get it working. I’ve tried various tutorials for tvheadend I can see the device in the configuration section but when a add network/muxes it then scans and every scan fails. Has anyone else had any luck setting up the tvheadend or with the linked dongle???

I hope you are not trying to make do with the supplied aerial.

Also better for him to use DVB-T2 if he can.

I’m afraid it’s the only type of receiver I have (first one) the supplied aerial is all I have :frowning: I have tried holding it out of the window while scanning but then I had a problem with it not force scanning to refresh and when I rebooted it didn’t pick up any signal. Could you recommend a decent aerial that’s compatible with the dongle??

You may be able to make an indoor aerial work. Depends how far you are away from the transmitter. Compatibility isn’t going to be a problem if the aerial socket is the usual type.

I think you can only get away with those antennas if you’re tuning in to Crystal Palace

Hi it’s an mcx connector. I’ve ordered an mcx to coaxial converter so I can try my indoor TV aerial fingers crossed that’ll work for me :blush:

Hi my converter arrived and I’ve got signal now and can watch TV via osmc :slight_smile: I’ve run into a bit of a stumbling block now using tvheadend to stream via a web browser. It works fine in osmc and vlc on my computer but when I click the play icon it goes to download a file not stream :frowning: is the transcode option enabled in the osmc market version of tcheadend or do I need to compile my own version??

Why do you want to transcode (the hardware might not be powerful enough to do that).
Issues with the playback giving your a file to download is an issue of missing capability/plugin of your browser not related to transcoding.

Transcoding in TVH is broken.
Pi also can’t perform this at this point in time.


Thanks for the replies, I’m looking to transcode because from what I’ve found online I can’t stream from the TVHeadend web interface in a browser without it being transcoded first (Stream from webgui - Tvheadend), copying the links into VLC works because VLC can handle the transcoding but browsers can’t for some reason. If you could point me in the direction of a decent plugin for Firefox that would solve it I’d appreciate it. Otherwise very happy with my little pi working as is. I’ll be using OSMC/Kodi to view the tv signal most of the time anyway I just thought streaming via the browser may come in handy from time to time.

Just install Kodi on the device you want to watch on with the TVH add-on pointed at the Pi.

Well seems to be something has changed. Last time (3 years ago) when I used it I had it somehow working. So for the time being VLC and Kodi might be your only option.