Dvbsky 960 boot loop


Vero 4K does not boot with dvbsky 960 usb tuner plugged in. It’s gets stuck in a boot loop where it does not get past the “Please stand by” message. If I unplug the the tuner either from power or from usb, the system boots normally. After that I can plug it back in and it works beautifully.

I don’t think it even gets to boot the kernel, something goes wrong before that so I am not quite sure how to get more information, certainly I don’t have a syslog from those boot attempts.

I have tried both in the stable osmc release and the matrix test release. Same on both.


Is the adapter plugged in to a power hub?

It’s possible that during startup, there is not enough power provided to the Vero to boot. This will probably also occur when tuning


Both Vero and the USB tuner are plugged to mains with the respectively supplied adapters independently. If I unplug the usb tuner from mains it lets Vero boot normally and the usb tuner is not powered nor detected at all.

If you unplug the power to the DVBSky tuner is it still functional?
It’s probably going to be hard to work out what the issue is without UART output from boot.

Does a cold boot work and just a reboot hangs?



No, If I unplug it the tuner is not functional and does not look like is receiving any power or stealking from vero. Also happens in cold boot. I have USB UART, I guess that would work out of the box?

Now that I think of it I guess that USB UART is for the receiving end, not from emmitter :man_facepalming:

Ok, I had a usb hd plugged in as well. If I unplug that, the vero boots with the tuner. So I guess it is stealing power even when it has it’s own. Did not expect that.

Does the USB HDD work on its own on reboot?

Seagate brand? If so - there should be a firmware update that fixes this.


It’s a WD my passport powered through usb by Vero.

I am thinking that taping the +5V pin on the usb cable on the tuner might do it.