Dvbsky and osmc

Dvbsky manufactures tv-tuners which claims to have good support under linux.
I have used dvb-t tuners togerther with tvheadend server and plugin and rasbmc and worked great.
Dvbsky offers also DVC-C and DVB-S2 (for satellite reception) tuners.
Digging the internet I found out that starting with the 3.19 kernel is supported out-of-the-box.
This tuner range is a cheaper solution as the sundtek, another brand that has also good support under linux

Do you plan to switch to the new 3.19 kernel in the close future ?
If not, is there a possibility to compile also these kernel modules for the current (3.18) kernel ?

There are a variety of DVBSky tuners supported in our kernel.

3.18 is currently the kernel we used for Raspberry Pi. It will move to 4.x soon. We will employ a 14 week release cycle for major kernel releases after final.