DVD folder / DVD menu playback issue - system crashes

Hi I have an OSMC device. recently done a full clean install of the lastest version due to this issue.


  • I am a Windows person. I have my OSMC Vero 4K linked to my Synology NAS in my local network.
  • I use SMB to link to the shared folder structure. I can only make SMB work I dont know other/better. - The NAS has a fixed IP so I use that instead of hostname now (faster better as I red here).
  • I have set the NAS to SMB3 - as that was a solution with playback issues on some MP4 files.

1 issue I cannot fix or find a solution to. That is the DVD playback issues with some folder based DVDs. The movie starts fine, than the DVD menu starts and the screen gets black, sound is heared, sometimes I see some “menu highlight” but when I press/click anything the system crashes fully and restarts. When I playback the DVD folder on my Windows machine using PowerDVD it all rund fine incl. the full visual DVD Menu, so the source seems to work OK.

Debug Log:
Here is a cut of my Kodi Debug Log. I removed the full scan of my NAS video library which is a collection of all kind of file based movies, MP4, AVI, DVD folders etc.

I am handy with many techniques mostly using my Windows machine, even with things like putty, FTP etc. but I am not an Linux or coding expert.

Question1 : what is causing the crash likely and what can I do

optional Question2 : I red alternatives to SMB are better but I cannot get any of the other options (easy) configured via the OSMC shared library menu? Any good manuals around ?

thanks for all your tips. I do read the f** manual and I do give it a try but I stalled or cannot see the light from here :slight_smile:


For question 1, try disabling acceleration for mpeg2; via Settings -> Playback

Thanks Tom.

NFS is more performant than SMB. But to be honest that additional performance normally is not needed. But the Kernel based mounting of SMB is more performant than the Kodi build-in SMB acces.
But this might only be needed if you either use Wifi or 100 Mbit Ethernet.

Yessss that was the one thanks a lot Tom… what triggered you to this solution Tom, I research the error log many times but found no hints to this area even. Most related topics where on (missing) codecs ?

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I will look into this. Looks like a bit of config but ok to handle for me too it seems :slight_smile: thanks!


I seem to remember it coming up before quite a few kodi platforms, where the gpu has issues playing back some DVD menus.

Thanks Tom.