DVD ISO is this the best way to backup my DVDs?

i’ve not got any problems but I do have some questions regarding ISOs and their playback.

I have a whole load of DVDs that I want to put on my Pi but when I ripped and re-encoded these in the past I have missed off some subtitles. I don’t typically want subtitles but some films where their is a foreign speaker you are supposed to have subtitles otherwise you have no idea what they are saying. I’m wondering if I’d be better off doing a straight ISO rip of my DVDs so that I have everything exactly as it’s meant to be.

I know a long while back there were issues with DVD ISOs but unsure if these have been fixed or whether that was old news.

I don’t really want to spend a load of time on this, I’d rather just do it once but do it the right way.

I should add, the whole DVD menu thing and the extras/trailers isn’t important to me, I just want the film and subs when there are meant to be subs

Why didn’t you just ask this in Slack :slight_smile:

ISO is fine, menus sometimes cause problems. This is being worked on though. If you don’t want these you’ll be fine. I’m not sure the recommended ripper is anymore. Last time I used one (for educational purposes) was DVD Decrypter in 2005.


Just keen to see what other people are doing and didn’t want to cause a fuss as I don’t see this as a problem with the OSMC/Kodi, just maybe my methodology is wrong.

I also want differing things depending on film. Sometimes I want my foreign films in their native language with English subtitles, sometimes (more likely with Animé) I want it dubbed in English with no subtitles (although I may still want to keep the original soundtrack kept for prosterity). For my more normal films I tend to only want it in English with no subtitles other than when required (like when Jabba the Hutt is speaking).

Since I have a few to do, I don’t really want to spend too much time thinking about what I want from each particular film hence my idea to just back up the whole thing.

Last time I did this, I got as far as I (Indiana Jones) and then got bored and stopped after my girlfriend pointed out the French speaking bits in Da Vinci Code didn’t have the required subtitles.

I think you explicitly need to set a default language in Kodi.

A friend of mine told me I speak like Yoda, so I’m potentially able to help.

Try one disk first I guess and seek to a point where there should be subs.

If you don’t care about menus then rip to mkv using makemkv.
No quality loss and the file will be smaller than the ISO and tends to be quicker to open and seek.

This is good advice.

Your only reason to do otherwise would be if you have hardware that cannot play MKVs. I think the main culprit is PlayStation. I suspect they don’t play ISOs either though.

What about Jabba and Greedo though? That’s my biggest concern. I had a good working solution in the past but that seemed to just ditch all subtitles.

Just testing tonight, I seem to have something that works as least with the one DVD I’m using as my Guinea pig.

Okay, let us know you how you get on.

Ok, was playing about last night and think i have something that’ll work for me.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum
general, mp4 video - forced subtitle - 1.6GB - foreign subtitles seem ok
dvd backup, main title content copy - forced subtitle - 5.5GB - no foreign subtitle fastest
dvd backup, full title copy - forced subtitle - 6.26GB - Defaults to wrong audio track
pc general, avc video (avc-aac) - forced subtitle - 1.44GB - foreign subtitles seem ok

5.2GB subtitles always on, even the english bits or if i de-select them the subtitles are never on.

This is a slower method than what i was doing before where i could take a fast initial MPEG2 rip of a load of DVDs one evening and then re-encode to something smaller throughout the following day whilst i’m at work but if it means that i have the result i want then i’m happy. I guess if i can 100% guarantee that there won’t be a subtitle then i can go for my fast method.