DVD Playback (Play Disc) doesn't work consistently

I have a Raspberry Pi 2 installed with latest OSMC. A powered USB hub is connected to the Pi and a Samsung external slim DVD drive is plugged into the USB hub. I also purchased and installed MPEG-2 license.

However, it seems the DVD playback function is hit or miss, it happens like below:

  1. When I put a DVD disc (new Movie DVD), the “Play Disc” option will show up, but nothing happens when I click it

  2. Then I take the DVD out (the ‘Play Disc’ option disappears as expected), then put in the disc again, still the same thing as step #1 above

  3. Retry above steps a few times, then it will work once, all play back are fine for that time. Then if repeat again same random not working/working.

Not sure if this is a common issue, do you see DVD playback working consistently on Pi 2?