DVD player - not in menu (SOLVED)


I am happily running OSMC (version December 2018) on my Raspberry Pi 3. Today I have connected a powered DVD player and it doesn’t add any “Play Disc” menu on the home page. I can play the disc browing in “Video” then “Files”, but it is very uncomfortable.

I am using standard OSMC skin. Do I have to change something in settings in order to have a “Play Disc” menu entry?


Do you know that the play disc button is supposed to pop up ? Or is it just wishful thinking?

I have read in this forum that it should appear (i.e.:Playing CDs: EjectTray() not working anymore? - #11 by wolfman100)
Maybe it does depend upon the skin?

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I think you may get the ‘Play Disc’ appearing when the DVD is loaded using the Confluence skin.
With the default OSMC skin you get the DVD name appearing under Videos/files and can play using the context menu, as you observed.
That thread referrred to is a rather old one - things have moved on.

Ah, ok thanks for clarification. So is there no way to have a clean Play Disc menu in OSMC default skin?

As far as I know you can select the disc press the 3 lines button on the vero remote and select play from the menu. You don’t have to navigate through the dvd file structure and select the correct .vob file if that’s inconvenient

I’m on a Raspberry PI 3, not VERO.

I’m sorry my bed

I have to sorry you all.

The “Play Disc” appears (and it is working) in my OSMC skin! The problem is that it is listed around the bottom of the menu and I haven’t realize I had to scroll down!!

My bad.