Dvr HDhomerun run prime rasberry pi 3

Any suggestions for low cost simple way to set up dvr system with osmc, rasberry pi 3 and HDhomerun prime attached tuner. Considering getting NAS, have Windows 10 pc.

Hi For low cost… Iknow nothing
What cann I tell.
I use HDhomerun with (french) TNT since three years.
It’s works (or has worked in the past) with TVServers like:
DVB Link (DVBLogic need paye)
Also you have some Silicondust solutions (constructor of HDhomerun), but I’ven’t take alook sinde two years.
I think you must check your country, and if it’s TNT or satellite.
After you must check you storage needs, when you will record your storage needs are…
Think also to your network organization, separate traffic between your TV Server and the HDhomerun, and other networks traffic, can be a good idea.
For the localization of your TV Server…
I use Synology NAS with DVBLink installed inside, works fine but you need some money to start with this solution.

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