DVR Recordings in 17? (OSMC skin)

In prior versions, from the main menu I could highlight “Live TV” in the main menu, hit the right arrow, select “Recordings” from the list, and get my list of recordings.

Now when I highlight “Live TV and PVR” I get a series of boxes representing my first few live TV channels, and if I click OK on the main entry I get (as before) a very long delay, then the program guide. In order to get to recordings, I have to wait for the guide, then hit the LEFT arrow to bring up that menu, and select Recordings from there.

I’m using OSMC as a MythTV front end. 99% of the time I want to play recordings. Is there a quick way to get to PVR recordings in the new OSMC skin without bringing up the EPG, as there was in 16? I don’t use OSMC for live TV, my TV has a tuner for that…

First (quick) solution, when you are on “Live TV” press left and choose recordings
Second (permanent) solution, customize the menu
Settings -> Interface -> Skin -> Configure Skin -> Customize Home Menu -> Live TV -> Change Action -> ActivateWindow(TVRecordings)
You also can change the Submenu in the same way.

Thanks; that customization is exactly what I needed.

Now I am having another problem with PVR playback, but I don’t have enough data to ask for help here yet…