Early 4.9 testers wanted

Hi everyone,

I am looking for early 4.9 testers. I don’t need any feedback yet until I make a new thread, apart from ‘it works’ or my device doesn’t boot.

There is a downside to this: your system may be rendered unbootable and you’d need to open the Vero and short two pins on the mainboard to recover it if this is the case.

If you don’t fancy this potential risk, then I’d suggest avoiding the test until you see a test thread on the forums. It shouldn’t happen, but there is a very small chance of this being an issue during the upgrade process.

I need both 4K and 4K + testers. If you’d like to give this a go, please let me know here and I’ll send you a PM shortly when things are ready.




Hi Sam, keen on testing and providing feedback on this, I’m presuming this will void warranties on the 4K+ device?


Yes — if you have to open it. If you have a warranty, then hold tight for other testers :slight_smile:


Count me in, I have both 4K and 4K+

Count me in, i’ve a 4k+. Just a standard user with Denon AVR and Samsung 4k tv.

Yes please :slight_smile:

4K+ with LG C8

Im willing to give it a whirl mate…what are the benefits of 4.9? Is there a write up anywhere?

Hello Sam,

sorry but i dont understand…
First you said the kernel is up @ the end of the summer.
Then by the end of november you said a few days…
And now @ start 2020 you make a beta test with brick warning ??
Sorry no disrespect but i think the statments for future Updates
should by cleaner. The Users has expectation…

Wish you a good 2020 love my Vero 4k


The first release was always going to be beta.

Count me in as well, if it is that easy to recover, it should be no problem for me.
I got an Vero 4K (non plus).

Things sometimes take longer than expected. As @grahamh says however, the first release was always going to be a test release


I wasn’t happy with our approach for delivering 4.9. There were a few hacks to ensure that we didn’t need to update our bootloader over the air, which has always been a risky proposition.

But the risks from the route we were traversing seem to be more significant than the risks of updating the bootloader. So I’ll make some more changes, verify them with the team and then get them out to users here shortly.



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Will a change log be provided once the beta is released?

Yes - there will be a brief change overview. There are many, many changes, so it won’t be possible to document every single change.


Count me in, I have both 4K and 4K+ with Samsung Q9FN

Sign me up ! Vero 4K+ owner here …

I have now sent a PM to those that have posted here.



Will this test version include 3D support? If so I’d like to try

I’m game. I have a 4k

Yes, but you still need to run the test build of Kodi.