Early 4.9 testers wanted

I’m in . I own a Vero 4k+

Lots of différent files (3d / 4k/ HDR/ sd/HD) atmos and so on.

I’m active at testing things and reporting issues (already did here ;))

I can give it a test. I have two vero 4k+ used daily and 1 spare in case something happens.

How do I get the beta Sam?

I have a spare Vero 4K+. Count me in.
I can test with a denon avr 3300x + samsung tv 4K sdr and denon 2309 + samsung tv 1080p

Happy to test. Vero 4k owner here.

With all due respect, I think you have to manage your expectations.

Many vendors tie themselves up to artificial deadlines they cannot realistically meet due to pressures from commercial/marketing and then release bad quality to meet those deadlines.

This is unfortunately these days the norm across the industry - see big name game title development for example. From what I’ve seen, team OSMC doesn’t do that. They release when the software is in a state that is sufficient for a quality release. And this is good, the way it should be.

In software development, and especially the kind of development OSMC does, often unforeseen issues arise that can push the release back several months. This is especially true for development with a (very) small team.

Having said that, I’ve seen Sam mentioning that there won’t be answers to “when?” questions from hereon, and I think that’s a good choice. The reply should always be “when it’s ready” - due to users like you (no disrespect, maybe you are not familiar with software development and/or open-source development and/or development with a small team).

My opinion, given my IT background, is that the developers are actually doing excellent job. I’m often at awe at what they manage to do given the constraints they have.

Just hoping the team will stick to “when it’s ready” from now on to not cause more disappointments.

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Based on Sam’s comments it sounded like the bootloader is updated. Similar to any device, including your smart phone’s bootloader or your PC’s BIOS, if power is cut to the device during update, the device may be “bricked”. In this case the situation can even be fixed with a jumper! How many devices these days have that?! Some have different protections against this, dual-flash etc. but it is not the majority at all.

Again, in my opinion this just shows how well the system is designed - not as a negative.

Is it too late to join? I have Vero 4K. Worst case is a bricked Vero right? No damage to the TV? :rofl:

I have invited you to the discussion

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Same! Vero 4k+ customer here. Count me in. I’d love to test this. YOLO!

If the Beta is still open, I’d very much like to take part in testing. Standard 4K here. :+1:

Added you both

Sam: Many thanks. Looking forward to it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please include me in the 4.9 testing. I have a Vero 4k. Thanks in advance.

@sam_nazarko any reason for bypassing me ? Or its just that you did not notice ?

We hope we are not too late for the party! My Vero 4k+ and me would also like to test the new versions/kernel!
Hardware: Yamaha AVR RX-V483 and a Sony TV XE9305

No one has been bypassed. We are still in early stages and have a couple of things to fix yet.

I mean you kept giving Access to New beta askers. And i Guess you missed me.

You have been added. I only wanted a small group for initial testing because there are still a few issues.

Sorry if I missed you initially

Dont worry.

I will read all the topic and test tomorrow