Easiest way to download and install a zip file add-on?

Hi, I’m a Windows user just starting out with Vero and OSMC, so apologies if this is a stupid question.

I’d like to install an add-on from a zip file that’s available on the internet. On Windows, I would normally just alt-tab (or exit) out of Kodi, download the file using a web browser, go back into Kodi, use “install from zip file” , then locate the zip file on my local hard drive.

What is the easiest way to do this on the Vero? Do I need to download the file outside of Kodi via command line or SSH? Or is there a way to download/install a zip file directly through the Kodi interface?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Downloaded zip on pc then navigate to settings-> addon browser -> install from zip on the vero then navigate to the download zip on your pc assuming it’s on a network or if not just bring the zip to the vero via usb and install

If you know how to SSH into the box just do wget URL you can copy and paste the URL from your browser. And then you can install from within Kodi


If you have any network shares on your Windows pc you can set up one of those in Kodi’s file manager as a source then download your zips into that location.
For example I have my downloads folder set to share via smb across my network so I can check things before I move them to their correct place,
on my Vero’s I added this as a source in settings/file manager and now if I choose the install from zip file option that folder appears in the options to choose from.