Easiest way to update?

I’ve been forced to go do a manual update check every time I see the “Update Available” notification on the main menu. Is there some way to just say ‘yes, update’ without having it recheck everything?

Have you looked in “My OSMC” and checked what options are available in the UPDATE section?

I’m very much against completely automated upgrades, it’s just not a good idea. However OSMC should download updates automatically and prompt you when they are available. You can configure the schedule in My OSMC.


I don’t want them to be automated, I just want an easier way to say, “yes do the update”. Right now I get the notification that they’re available but no way to actually do them without forcing a recheck. I am using a skin though, that may have some effect. The “Update Available” blue icon thing at the bottom is unclickable, should it be?

Go to “My OSMC -> Updates -> Update Settings -> When updating” and set it to “Download updates, then prompt”.
That should do what you’re looking for.

It’s not meant to be clickable.



If you want to have automated installations you could look into unattended upgrades just remember YOU DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK

its pretty easy to setup wont go into to details here.

That’s ok. Figured out what the issue was. I thought I was getting no prompt at all for the updating and was required to force it. Turns out the people that actually use the machine had been clicking no when it popped up while they were watching something. Is it possible to have it prompt only if nothing is playing?

This notification can never appear while media is playing.

I must say Sam and the rest of the Team did a really good job the updates and the OSMC are very stable but I wouldn’t also have an full automated update.

Automated update on boot without warning the user or giving them a chance to cancel was one of the most criticized aspects of Raspbmc.

This lead to the complete ground up redesign of the update system in OSMC. Not only is it based on the well proven Debian package system instead of home grown scripts like Raspbmc was, it’s a conscious decision that updates are not done at boot time, nor will they install without prompting for your approval.

I come bearing evidence. This just happened 2 minutes ago, note that while the picture is obviously a still it was taken while it was playing and it wasn’t paused or anything.

Proof image

If it prompted you to install updates while watching a video then either you have turned off the “check system is idle before prompting” option in the update settings (which is on by default) or you have seen a bug.

By default the updater should not check for updates while you are playing video, nor prompt you.

However it is possible that it started an update check before you started playing the video, once the update check is running I believe it will continue to run even if you are now playing video, and it can take a little while between the time when it starts checking and when it prompts you. (Many minutes on a Pi 1)

The idle check is still on default, I hadn’t changed any of the update options at all until this thread when someone suggested changing to ‘download but don’t install’ or whatever.

I have the Pi2, not sure how much that would speed the check up.

And how long had you been watching that video before the message appeared ?

The photo was taken at 7:55 into the episode playing and the message popped up around a minute beforehand.

So like 6 to 7 minutes after it started playing.

If it took a while for the updates to download (which is very likely when the October update first came out as our servers were getting hammered) then its very likely that the update check/download commenced before you started watching the video and completed a few minutes in. In which case its not a bug as such.

Hm, maybe not a bug. But perhaps the behaviour could be changed so it doesn’t prompt with the message until the video is exited?

EDIT: I should note this wasn’t the October update though, this just happened. I am set to download then ask now though, before when it was happening I was only set to check. Not sure how far into video it was happening then.

EDIT: Wait, I assumed the October update happened at the start of the month, not just now, disregard.