Easy share from linux desktop

Recently binned Windows so trying to move away from SMB :wink:
Got a Linux Mint desktop and I want to put videos etc in a ‘shared directory’ that the Pi2 can see
Would easiest way be to use NFS? Can anybody provide a quick howto?
PS I searched the wiki but there appears to be an issue in that I cannot ‘click’ to view the search results :confused:

Check here on the forum alot of good threads here

And for your desktop/server side you also can google for “How to NFS Server linux mint” or “How to NFS Server
Ubuntu”. First result

wow quick replies thanks guys :smiley:
Of course I did search but could not find an easy quide, would be good in the wiki :wink:
Is nfs built into OSMC?

you can add nfs sources directly in kodi


Hi toast
yes I already read the kodi NFS wiki
Sadly I hit a problem at stage 2 when it refers to /nfs/exports as I don’t have an nfs directory on OSMC OR Mint!!??
At least with windows you get some consistency, Mr Gates please teach us some standards in 2016 lol :wink:

Might be a better step by step guide

OK quick rundown of what I did:
on linux mint desktop
sudo apt-get install nfs-kernel-server nfs-common rpcbind (portmap has been superceded with rpcbind)
sudo nano /etc/exports (I added the line below)
sudo exportfs -ra
sudo service nfs-kernel-server restart

Next I connected to the Pi2 to test it could see the nfs mount
ssh -l osmc
showmount -e

Go back to your TV add a ‘video file’ and after a few clicks ie browse NFS share etc you’ll have a new Movie entry on your homescreen with lots of beautiful movie icons! :sunglasses: