Editing confluence home.xml


I am trying to edit my home.xml in order to separate my movies in to Kids Movies and “Adult” movies. I have managed to create a Kid Movies button with this code.

<item id="19"> <label>Kids Movies</label> <onclick>ActivateWindow(Videos,Kids)</onclick> <icon>-</icon> <thumb>-</thumb> </item>

I have also checked my sources.xml



But when I open (click) the Kid Movies the Kids movies aren’t listed. A menu with Movies, TV Shows, In progress TV show etc appears.

I also want to make sure that the end result is button for kids movies (which has all the kids movies) and everything else is under Movies.

Does it work if you specify “ActivateWindow(Videos,Kids,return)”?

I had similar problems (described here), and using “return” fixed it.

There are a tonne of addons that allow you to edit the home menu, like amber for instance.

I did a bit more reading and I manage to solve my issue. I created a favourite of my Kids folder and the took note of the path. The I place the path here ActivateWindow(path to favourite)