Editing existing remote profiles

I am new to OSMC and have recently purchased a Vero 4K+ to replace my existing WD TV Live Hub.

As my existing WD remote is already programmed into a Logitech Harmony universal remote I have selected to use the wdtvlive-remote-lircd profile in the “My OSMC” remote settings. All the important buttons I need work OK except the subtitle button which I would like to activate.

I have noticed that the subtitle key is not included in the wdtvlive-remote-lircd config profile. How can I edit the config file to include the subtitle code and where will I find the subtitle key code for the WD remote? I have searched the forum and have not been able to find the answer.

I would recommend reprogramming the Harmony to a “media center PC” or Xbox profile and then switch the profile in My OSMC to use that. That will give you a lot more buttons to play with and that can be further tweaked with Kodi keymaps to effect direct mappings to whatever functions you want.

OK thanks, I’ll try that.

Make sure you check the button mappings in the Logitech software before updating the remote. Some of the profiles leave some buttons with obvious mapping not assigned for some reason.

Thanks for your advice darwindesign. I created a new “XBox 360 remote” device in Harmony but unfortunately it didn’t work with the “xbox360” profile in OSMC . Ended up using the OSMC “lircd-full” profile and everything worked except the eject button. So I created new “RC6 MCE” remote device in Harmony and used its “DVDmenu” button (so I can ‘safely remove’ the USB in two clicks). Bit of stuffing around but its all working now except for a 'home button" which is not listed in the drop down menu of either of the remotes I created. Don’t know whether I can be bothered finding another remote device.

You don’t need to keep switching the Harmony side of things to get the remote to act the way you want. The only important part is that the buttons on the remote that you want to do something are assigned to some key that gets picked up in Kodi. If this “home” button on your remote is picked up by Kodi but not performing the function you want then you would make a keymap to dictate what action that button performs on any given window (or globally). Please see the following for more information…


If the button in question is not assigned to something that Kodi is recognizing then you can just assign it a different function in the Harmony software and then keymap that button in Kodi to the action you want to perform. For example if your remote has a “home” button you could assign it in MyHarmony to send “red”. You could then add a keymap in Kodi that globally sets “red” to perform the “ActivateWindow(Home)” action and then it would perform the same as if the remote was sending out the keyboard “home” key which happens to be keymapped by default to that action.