Editing uploaded logs



is there any possibility to edit the OSMC log after uploading via MyOSMC?

After uploading I get an URL with which I can see the contents via Internet-Explorer but I can’t change it. Reason of change is that there are as well some passwords are postet. I would like to delete them!

Thanx and best regards



Check the “Sanitizing logs” part.


Hi ooZee,

thank you for the answer. For the future I will process as described in “Sanitizing logs”.

But for now, I have generated an upload without this process therefore there is a password uploaded as well which I would like to hide or delete! Is this possible to edit the upload afterwards?


if you don’t publish the url, no-one will know.


OK, I understand - I didn’t get an answer or description that it is possible to edit uploaded data afterwards.

In that case I am assuming that it is not possible to edit it afterwards and I will process in the future like described in “Sanitizing logs” and change my current passwords.


It is not possible.


Thank you! This is a clear answer!