Eject / Plug in USB Drive


I received my Vero 4K+ just recently and am very impressed (they even included a localised power plug, which was genius).

Just wondering if anyone could help me understand the process of plugging in/unplugging a USB drive? I’m using 2.5 inch (unpowered) drives, like the WD Elements for example.

The first time I plugged one in the machine rebooted which gave me a shock, wasn’t sure if I did something wrong?

As a result I’m not sure if there’s also a specific way I should eject the drive before unplugging it?

On my old WDTV I would just turn the box off to do either, but it seems the Vero is not intended to be turned off?


The current surge when you connect some spinning drives can cause the vero to reboot. This usually doesn’t happen if you turn on vero with the drive connected but anyway we recommend a powered USB hub.

To eject it while vero is running, go to Settings->File Manager, select the drive, press Menu and select Remove safely.

Thanks I’d read something about recommending a powered hub. Also thanks for directions on how to eject!