Ejecting hard drives with Flirc/Harmony remote

Hi guys – I use a Flirc dongle and a Logitech Harmony remote, and while it’s great I can’t do one function with it (using the default Flirc profile in the My Harmony software): eject hard drives.

So the method I’ve found to eject hard drives is go to file manager, highlight the drive and then bring up a context menu that says “Remove Safely.” The problem is, I don’t know how to bring up that context menu on my remote. I have to switch to the Kore app on my Android phone to bring up that context menu.

Is that also mapped to like a keyboard press or something, since I heard Flirc acts as a keyboard? Because if so I could go map, say “C” for context menu to my logitech remote and have that function, right?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

That would be exactly what I did with my FLIRC to get ContextMenu


Me too, I use a Harmony one with a Flirc on my Mac mini (long story - the built in IR receiver has issues…) and have the Menu button on my remote mapped to context menu (I think) in my plex profile and then the Flirc is set to send a C for context menu.