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I ordered a Vero 4K+ yesterday morning from the shop and shortly after sent two messages. My first message was about not receiving the order confirmation by email. My second message was to request some info about the USB hub. I’ve yet to receive any replies yet (still waiting for my order confirmation email as well). How long does it usually take to receive a reply from this company?

I responded last night with a PayPal invoice - assuming you are the one that sent an email wanting to add a hub to your order.



Hi Sam. Thanks for the reply. I just checked my Paypal account and email junk folder, and I don’t have any invoice from you. Could you try resending it, please, or if it suits you better I can purchase directly from the site to have included with my Vero order. Also, I still haven’t received the order confirmation from my Vero 4K+ order.

I can see the purchase in my account, but I assumed I would also get an email confirmation. Not sure if it’s something to do with me using my Brother’s forum account initially. All correspondence should go to the email address.


Thanks for your email.

People seem to be getting emails without issues – I wonder if something’s up with the NTL account, particularly if you were able to receive emails (necessary to sign up to this forum).

I’ve added the email you used for your forum account to the email and re-sent.
It’s best to pay the invoice I’ve sent you to avoid additional postage fees from placing another order.

You should have, yes.

Please let me know when received.



Hi Sam.

This is very strange. Not getting any emails from you, neither am I receiving your Paypal invoice. I just logged in a few moments ago and nothing! Anyway, I went to your support ticket section and used the Paypal link you posted there. Payment has now been made.


Thanks. We’ll get this out for you promptly.

Not sure about emails – are you using the same email client? Perhaps the email is going to spam. You would’ve also received an email from an address, so not likely to be an issue on our side.



That’s what I find strange. Even Paypal isn’t getting your invoice request. When I log into my Paypal account there’s nothing there from you either, so it’s not surprising I’m not receiving a Paypal notification email. I receive around 50+ emails a day into my account and don’t appear to be having any problems with anyone else (Spam folder has been checked).

Anyway, it’s mostly resolved now. If I have anything urgent I’ll either try one of my alternative email accounts or contact you through the support ticket system.

Thanks for your help so far.

We received a payment from you – so this will go out as a combined order. Will investigate email issue but for now you can contact either here, via PM or via the support system.



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