Emby for Kodi

Anyone else having trouble upgrading Emby for Kodi on OSMC?

Even if you try to manually update it, nothing happens.
It shows the new version, but won’t install it.

It works fine (auto updated) on windows PC with Kodi

I’ve just updated Emby for Kodi on my Vero 4K units. No issues noted.
From Kodi addon-settings I’ve always specified for Notify but do not download automatically.
From the Addon menu the Emby addon was reported as available update. So I completed a manual update.
Update downloaded now at
The update was a little time consuming and require resetting the Kodi Database to reload the libraries. So I would recommend reading the wiki on the addon update.
Hope the update goes well for you as I’ve noticed a big performance jump in combination with the server update too.

Thanks for the answer.

Yes, I know it’s a very big update/change, and I have to reset database afterwards.
I’ve done all that on Windows PC kodi, but tried with several Vero 2 and Vero 4K boxes now.
Can’t update a single one of them.


Hey there Smasher.

I just stumbled across your post. If you were on stable previously, make sure you update the dependencies. That’s probably where it’s getting stuck. Otherwise, provide a Kodi log on the Emby forums and I’ll have a look. You can find the dependencies here:


People’s Vero boxes are FINALLY starting to update to 4.0.1, don’t know why it took so long, and why I couldn’t force it to update on my own.
Especially when it worked perfectly on Windows Kodi.

But it should be working now… slowly :wink:

Thanks for the hard work with Emby addon :slight_smile: