Emby on Kodi OSMC - "Library sync thread has excited!"

Hey guys,

running into huge problems scanning my library into kodi.

No matter if I do it on Raspberry Pi 3 or Vero4K it always sooner or later comes to the message “Library sync thread has excited! You should restart Kodi now. Please report this on the forum”.

I repeated it many times. First I thought it always gets stuck at same position, but it didn’t. Sometimes it gets stuck in movies, sometimes in series.

On my Emby Server all is perfectly scanned in.

Here is the log-file. It keeps repeating and repeating:

I edited the post and deleted the link after posting in hoping only the admins can read it… If this doesnt work like that, let me know and I can PM the link. I just dont want to share everyting with the world.

Hope someone can help me with this.

Posted it also on emby forum.

You can sanitize the logs, there’s howto on wiki page.