Emergency mode on vero2

Since a couple of days my Vero 2 only boots into emergency console. I don’t know what happened but it might be that there was a loss of power in the house while the vero was running.

As you can see in the screenshot attached an error-message is shown: “Failed to start Dispatch Password Requests to Console Directory Watch”.

I logged in an did what was suggested but i don’t understand the outcome or how this would help me to solve the issue.

I also tried to upload the logs with “grab-logs -a” but there is no network connection. I also can not log into the device via ssh anymore.

Any clue what to do?

You could run sudo touch /forcefsck and OSMC will try a repair on reboot. Otherwise, I suggest reinstalling OSMC. Power loss has likely corrupted your installation.

did that but fsck does not seem to kick off on reboot. the file is there though.

I think you need to reinstall.

ok, i suspectetd it :rage: … this brings up the question of a full disk backup for vero2 once again, since this happens from time to time.

It should not happen frequently.

You could backup things to a USB as it looks like you have a reasonably functional system

We have such bad power quality in france (many are heating using electricity), that I decided to put some UPS’s in front of my sensitive electronic device. This also applies to the Vero-Devices I have.
Saved me lots of time and issues.
Note - a 300VA UPS can hold the Vero running for days. So I didn’t configure any fancy autoshutdown stuff etc.
You can get some for 60 euros already.