Empty Library Message

Howdy. I’m connecting to my Win7 server for ripped movies and music, which works fine - they display and play. However, when scrolling thru the home menu I get ‘empty library’ messages – any way to stop displaying those? I get there is no ripped content on the RP / OSMC but I’m pulling content from the server and would like for the messages to go away.


If you don’t wish to use a library you can go into the skin settings and hide those menu options.

I use the menu options for ‘Music’ and ‘Movies’ via the link to the server for content, I just don’t want the ‘empty menu’ messages. Or am I misunderstanding your point?

Which skin are you using?

Mimic-LR, but I figured it out - I was using the skin default menu items for movies, music etc, I deleted those and created new menu items from scratch and they do not scan / display message like the defaults for ripped media content. Solved.

Thanks for chiming in.

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