Emulation goes in crash after seconds game.... strange

I have put some little collection of roms on a pendrive connected in a usb port of my Pi2.

On this folder i have put some .gb files… i have tryed some of it and apparently all it’s ok but i have see a strange issue:
At seconds games i try to lauch it my Pi2 goes in completely crash:
On TV a freeze image… my Pi2 goes unreachable by SSH or any other source (like webpage or never respond from a keyboard) and the only solution it’s unplug it for power source.

How i can understand how because it’s append this ??
I don’t thinks it’s important but i use a GameStop Xbox 360 Gamepad connected to another usb port… could this be the problem?

In my case I have 3 ports occupied out of 4:

  1. A bluethoot adaptor for a bluethoot keyboard
  2. a 64GB Pendrive how it’s stored some media contents and this little package of roms
  3. The GamePad at right now.

How i can try to understand because the emulation it’s freeze ?

OMG… i have retry after this another crash.
I have start another games and it’s crash immediatelly… after about 30 seconds of games.

It’s power source issue ? what are the possible causes ? It’s the roms stored on usb pendrive the issue ??

Only for purpose test… i have found a new power source for my Pi2… a 5V 3A my brothers as buy for a his device.
Tomorrow i can pick from his and i can try if can help to this issue… if yes i need to buy a new power source and i have already put in my cart the osmc power source at about 5GBP…

To eliminate that as an issue, try copying two rom files to osmc-homefolder, unplug the pendrive and try to start the games i succession.

After this day i have tryed whit a newest power source.
Actually the problem seems to be solved…now i can perfectly play even different games and even for several hours.
Some crash/freeze it’s still remain but I can’t be sure the cause is emulation itself… for example 5 minutes ago I was doing a speedtest using CLI and all it’s freeze…

that the problem is elsewhere? the sd that starts to corrupt ? only time can tell :slight_smile:

what emulation core? cause some of em are fairly broken if your running from kodi

mmmmm… mainly those for nes and gb in all variant.
probably do a setup with an sd whit an os like retropie (where perhaps the same emulators are updated in some cases even daily) it wouldn’t be a bad idea :slight_smile: