Emulators on Apple TV, is it possible?

I have the OSMC running on an old 40GB Apple TV1. I recently came across this site and it got me all excited and thinking that I would maybe be able to play old games with my Apple TV1…

Then I started looking this up but I understand that it is not that simple as stated in this blog. The site suggests that an emulator is forcibly needed and installed in the machine.

How is this done? Is it possible to set up an SNES emulator in OSMC with an Apple TV1? Has anyone done this.

As the apple tv used x11 it would just be a case of compiling or installing an emulator from apt.
There should be plenty for you to try in the debian repositories.

@mcobit Thanks for the tip! This gives me hope but I am really just starting with the ATV and OSMC. Do you know of a tutorial that can teach me how to compile and install software from apt. I suppose that communicating via SSH will absolutely be needed, so I would need to learn that as well…

Just google apt-get. It is the standard way to install software in debian Linux.

For ssh, also just use google. It is the same all over Linux. If you have a Windows PC, you can use Putty.

@mcobit Ok, thanks for the tips. I managed to install zsnes on the ATV via SSH and then sent a rom to a subfolder of /home/osmc. Then, using the power off menu, I exited Kodi and pressed Escape so as to have a prompt. There I could load zsnes and the rom I sent previously. It works.

But there are 2 issues though. First, there is no sound (I am plugged to the TV via HDMI and I have sound under Kodi)… Second issue is that the emulation is a little slow or “jumpy”.

Is there a way to use Rom Collection Browser under Kodi in the ATV? Will it be better that way? I suppose that I would at least have the sound. I also dare to think that RCB would be optimised and would provide a smoother emulation…

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Rcb is a launcher for emulators. No emulator itself. So it doesn’t matter how optimized it is.
The atv is slow and old. So emulators will be slow on it unless they are optimized for the device and properly accelerated. Especially if such device needs to render to a high resolution.

Also, why are you asking if there is a way…?
Of course you can use rcb. Just try it. Or do you want others to do it for you?

Edit: RCB will have nothing to do with sound.
Check your alsamixer and emulator sound settings.

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