"Emulators pack", a ready-to-use solution to allow playing old games in OSMC

So after following your instructions, I will be able to install the voicecommand? Thats even better then emulator pack! :slight_smile: Thanks a lot

Added some more stuff.
The script now also installs a customized mediacenterscript and a startupscript.

If you want to start emulationstation from kodi, you can add a custom menu shortcut with the command “System.Exec(/home/osmc/retropie.sh)”.

If you quit emulationstation then it will automatically take you back to KODI again.


That could be possible. Let me know if you have any problems.
It should also be sufficient to mount the raspbian repositories, do an apt-get update and install the boostlibs then.
After that remove the repositories again.

Hopefully fixed a crash of emulationstation that occured when started from kodi.

To update just rerun the installationscript and choose cancel at the first RetroPie setup script screen.

Some more fixes. If there is still interest in this, I can make a new thread with updated instructions.

I’m following your posts! :slight_smile:

Just trying the script on a fresh install.
If everything works, I’ll do a new post.


Please do. Getting this to work properly would be great stuff. I don’t have an rpi2 yet, but when I get my hands on one, this is one of the things I want it to do :smile:

I am following it too, just could not tried it yet, I will on weekend.

It started snowing so i’m working from home. by working from home i mean upgrading to RC and currently running the emulation scripts! thanks everyone, you’ve seriously made my year if this is actually working! i have my xbox controllers on standby… that was always the worst part of all of the emulator stuff…

New thread:

Hope it works, did a last commit some minutes ago.
If something is not working, prease redownload and rerun the script.

It won’t take that long the second time :wink:

luckily, my kid was screaming for bubble guppies and i accidentally hit reboot after the retropie binary installation, so i am re-running everything now which would include your new script info anyway… i just ctrl-c to cancel out of the retropie stuff and it’ll continue, or is it all finished after that?

There is more stuff to do afterwards. So redownload the script, rerun it but don’t ctrl-c. Just select cancel or you will kill the whole script.

Also if you canceled it, you might want to remove the raspbian repo manually from the sources.list file.

first time i canceled it. second time i did it right. ctrl-c was not my friend!

still trying to figure out how to do the custom shortcut, it only asks me to choose an addon from the addon shortcuts menu (confluence)…does the custom shortcut only work on the osmc skin?

Great. So now there is a script to install RetroPie to OSMC. How is the 2nd part done? If we had an automatic way to add to one of the menus on OSMC then this could be made available on the AppStore as a complete noob-friendly package?

It could. But someone would need to take care of updating the binaries and the stuff that is maintained by the RetroPie guys.
They change a lot over time so someone would have to invest a fair bit of time into keeping everything up to date in an appstore package.

Adding the menu shortcut automativally could be done but it is a probpem that different skins have different ways of displaying those shortcuts. It will be a problem for people who use some more uncommon skin if ot wouldn’t be supported.

The only really good way I could think of would be to create a new addon alltogether that manages the updating and launching. But that would also be a lot of work.

Also then there wouldn’t be a need for a package in the appstore as it could be downloaded from an addon repo directly.

Of course all I’ve done here is foss so go ahead and add to the github repo if you can code an addon or help in other ways to make this more like you imagined.

how about instead of creating a menu shortcut (will work for some skins but not others), just let the script create a favorite that starts the retropie script?

That is how i start it from amber
added a line in .kodi\userdatafavourites.xml

yea i know the icon is not the right one but works.

the way skins see favorites is always from the same xml and in the same way is it not?

damn wrong thread

please use the retrosmc thread instead of reviving old threads