Enable kodi splash screen on boot?


Is there a way to enable the kodi logo splash screen to show in those few seconds after the osmc splash screen where it just shows a black screen.

Not that it matters much, just maybe better to show logo than blank screen.

Thanks for any info

Set true in advancedsettings.xml


Cheers Sam keep up the great work

Where is the file advancedsettings.xml?
And how can I activate the splash screen?
I have no write access to the file.

Is it in /usr/share/kodi/system

You should create your own advancedsettings in the home directory as instructed by the system file.

Can you show me an example? And in which directory?


Do I have to copy the same advancedsettings.xml to my home directory as / usr / share / kodi / system?

No. They add up. Just make a new advancedsettings.xml in .kodi/userdata/

OK thanks /home/osmc/.kodi/userdata/ is the right directory.
What does the content of the file look like?


OK thanks I see the kodi splash screen but there is only the kodi picture and no video splash animation

Video splash animations are only available on MilhouseVH Raspberry Pi test builds.