Enable support for IR RC MCE Keyboard on startup

The MCE Keyboard events do not need any lircd profiles, and can be supported in parallel to RC5/RC6 lircd profile. If mce_kbd is enabled when kodi starts, this makes it very easy for Harmony remote users to get a comprehensive solution to many any command they like. A Harmony can be mapped to a Microsoft / MCE Keyboard profile, which lets us assign any key on a keyboard to any Harmony key.

Currently on each reboot we would need to re-enable mce_kbd like this:
sudo ir-keytable -p lirc -p rc-6 -p mce_kbd

It would be good if there was support in MY OSMC to enable mce_kbd on bootup and possibly also define key delay and key repetition speed on the UI which then uses ir-keytable to set the values on bootup.

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You can put this in rc.local for now.

We are redesigning remote support but it’s not in line with what you are trying to achieve. Our goal for the foreseeable future is to make user space configuration as flexible as possible. This would mean keeping the current method of devolution, where we defer IR events to a user space context unless USB hardware is attached (where we handle RC6 via kernel unless disabled in My OSMC).

I’d much prefer getting this resolved in the right way via LIRC. Did you try recording your own profile?


Hi Sam, the point is that most people are not keen on tinkering around with lirc profiles. the MCE KBD solution we be dead easy, it works fine in parallel to lircd, so I don’t catch your point so far, why the small modification of making mce_kbd protocol available on boot is would not be feasible, and instead forcing/encouraginf people to dive into lirc profiles. From a usability point of view it just makes no sense to go in that direction. In that case people would expect a more extensive lirc profile pool, especially for such prominent universal remotes such as the Logitech Harmony family. The current lircd profile for OSMC is just not flexible enough. The MCE Keyboard is.

The idea of Harmony is that you can select any profile you’d like.
There won’t be a one size fits all situation, particularly for users that own these remotes.

If the standard profiles suck for Harmony remotes, maybe we need a Harmony profile under My OSMC -> Remotes?


A really powerful profile for Harmony would really help. You don’t have this remote with so many buttons and features and then just use the bare minimum…
No, i’m not going to make that profile, as I said, I woul dprefer the solution with MCE KBD, because I dont want to go into lirc details.

No one needs to go in to LIRC details if a profile is achieved.
But when we tried to consolidate on a common Harmony profile; we were told that many people had different preferences.

So I am still for a common, sane, Harmony profile.


Had a chance to check this more thoroughly.

As stated previously, the changes you are making are just deferring the interpretation of codes from userland (LIRC) to kernel (ir-keytable). The fact that this works indicates that there isn’t an issue with the receiver (meson-ir); but a profile mismatch with LIRC.

I think a correct profile will do the trick here.

We added the option ‘disable RC6’ to My OSMC decoding to prevent sporadic behaviour for some users on Pi that were experiencing duplicate presses when using the built in kernel IR decoders when using a USB receiver. They found the userland (LIRC) interpretation more reliable.

There is no repeat filter when using kernel based decoders as you will bypass eventlircd’s repeat filter. This filter was introduced originally to reduce incidence of duplicate presses; but this was set many years ago.

I’m happy to produce some test builds if you are willing to test My OSMC remote profiles and repeat filter changes.



Sure if you want to test something I’m in.

Wondering if this is still an option.
I came from a Windows Kodi and the great thing about a RC6 MCE Keyboard in combination with a Logitech Harmony is that you can configure as many buttons as there are on a keyboard.

What are you wondering? This is possible – just needs to be configured manually.


@sam_nazarko could you then point me in the right direction :slight_smile:

The first post has the basics:

You could then set this in /etc/rc.local to make it default


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Thanks that works, so I should add that “sudo ir-keytable -p lirc -p rc-6 -p mce_kbd” to the /etc/rc.local file?

I don’t have rights to edit that file when I’ve logged on with the osmc user

sudo nano

Don’t add sudo to /etc/rc.local as it already runs as root.
I recommend using the full path to ir-keytable which can be found by running whereis ir-keytable.

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I used SCP to access the file
These are the properties and the access rights

Sorry if I might seem dense, I’m much more fluent in Windows.

Figured out that using sudo chmod from the ssh connections gives me the rights :slight_smile:
After adding “ir-keytable -p lirc -p rc-6 -p mce_kbd” into the file it works!