Enabling UPNP service immediately leads to sad smiley

Go to Services> upnp and select “share my libraries”.
Sad smiley.

Log 1: http://paste.osmc.io/ginuhaduyu
I could reproduce it easily: http://paste.osmc.io/qumarijazu

This was no issue with OSMC January but I am not sure if this is a Kodi bug.

I use UPNP service so that I can also watch my content in the bedroom on a RPi1 simply by adding UPNP as source.

Is this a Kodi or OSMC error?

EDIT: I rebooted the RPI2 via SSH, now I am stuck in a bootloop, OSMC skin>sad smiley>osmc skin>sad smiley :frowning:
I just resolved my bootloop issue a few hours ago, by deleting guisettings. Very annoying that this is happening now again. I successfully added my video sources (USB drive), library scanned, I watched a video. Now I wanted to watch something else in the bedroom but I ended up with this issue enabling " share my libraries". Very strange, I rarely had any issue with OSMC/Kodi.

Edit2: if this setting is stored in guisettings.XML, this could be the root cause of the issue in:

Spontanious reboot after 2016.2-1 update - #32

osmc@osmc.my.hk:~$ cat .kodi/userdata/guisettings.xml | grep pnp
        <upnpannounce default="true">true</upnpannounce>
        <upnpcontroller default="true">false</upnpcontroller>
        <upnplookforexternalsubtitles default="true">false</upnplookforexternalsubtitles>

So yes it is stored in guisettings.xml. But as you can see I have it also activated and have not come across your issue

Strange! I have now deleted my guisettings.xml to prevent the bootloop. I immediately enabled UPNP again and 4 seconds later the bootloop started again.

What else could cause this issue? How can I investigate further? I have no idea.

Is there a way to rollback the update so that I can at least watch some stuff again?

I have the same issue on vero 1 after the feb update. never had an update issue until now. I get the OSMC splash, Watchdog starts a scan on my SMB file locations, then immediately after the Watchdog scan I get the unhappy smile. I’m now stuck in this endless loop. SSH is turned off.

How can I either revert to the previous update, or reimage Kodi/OSMC on my Vero 1 please?

Well first I would try to break the restart loop. Try to press ESC repeately when the mediacenter reboot after sat face. If that brings you to the console then we can look from there.

To reimage OSMC just download the installer from Download - OSMC and install it to the SD Card. But you will loose all your data and configurations on the SD Card if you do that.

thanks for your reply. I unplugged the network cable which stopped the loop cycle. disabled cec remote and so far so good. turned on ssh just in case. cleaned all libraries. restarted and so far so good. will keep you posted.

Good to hear! But still strange what caused the issue. Suggest to review the kodi.old.log
Are you using UPNP Server?

I noticed I had UPNP server on bit I wasn’t using it, so I turnwd it off. So far still no reboots, but I can’t tell if it was UPNP or CEC - will check the log sometime and revert.

Well generally it should not be a problem (I have it on and not problem) but you never know.

My install is broken after the latest update. I swapped the sd card and disabled further updates. I hope it will be fixed soon. i will backup first and then update from now. I don’t know if it’s from Upnp dlna share but i have all sharings enabled. It is first time i see repeated sad face

No debug logs demonstrating the problem means the problem will not get fixed. None of the OSMC devs have seen this problem occur on their own devices therefore without logs and troubleshooting assistance from users having the issue it can’t get fixed.

Well I did provide everything I could think of. Also in the other issue proving that even with OSMC skin and default guisettings.xml you can get bootloop after the update. Something is definitely wrong. I also asked what else I could do. I’ll write the latest image to a secondary SD to see if I can get that one working normally. I really have no idea how to investigate further. Sorry. But I am open to all suggestions.

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information from you. Please see How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC for advice on how to help us.

I have removed sd card and replaced with older one and i’m not going to update again before a full backup. I am willing to sent logs or any files from afected sd with a computer with linux. Just tell me exactly what files to send. I don’t know if i enabled debugging and i can’t mess now with that sd card again, it restart kodi after short time after boot in a loop.

I can confirm Upnp bug: