Encoding for OSMC on Pi

I’ve been using OSMC on a Raspberry Pi for several years and am generally very happy.

Historically I have used Handbrake to encode content from my DVD’s. I have always selected the “Burn in” option for subtitles, but I’m now wondering if my OSMC setup will allow me to select from available subtitles? I have read that HandBrake will include “Soft Subtitles”. This means the subtitles will appear as separate selectable tracks in encoded output file.

Will my setup allow this feature? I’m running OSMC/Kodi 18.9 (compiled on 2020-11-26) on a Raspberry Pi 3B. Thanks…RDK

Of course it is supported, including respecting the forced flag. In Handbrake if you have the subs selected and you don’t check the burn-in checkbox the subs you select will be included in the file in its original vob format. Those subs will be imaged based so they a fixed in how they look though. You can also grab text based subs during playback that give you a bit more control over how they look. Both can coexist for the same file and Kodi allows you to select which you want to view.


@darwindesign Super, I’ll give a try with my next encoding session. Thanks…RDK

OK, that works with Handbrake and also from the OSMC interface on the Pi monitor using the remote control. Thanks, has made my wife very happy.

However, I have not figured out how to select/change audio or subtitles when using the Web interface. Can you help?..RDK45

It depends on which web interface your using. I don’t see an easy way to do it in Chorus2 but Arch has both options on the bottom bar under three vertical dots next to the stop button. This is a question that would be better suited to the Kodi forum in the section for the web interface your using.

Hmmm. When I look at the web interface and interface setting it says Estuary and neither Chorus2 nor Arch are options. What should I do?..RDK45

Stop looking at the skin settings and navigate to settings>services>control>web interface>


Thanks. OK, got there and it shows Chorus2, but no other options. There is a note under the pull-down box which says “Select between web interfaces installed via the add-on manager”. Which add-on’s to add? Will they affect current setup/display? I assume they are not MyOSMC add-on’s.

Is there a Web interface manual I can look at?


You didn’t see the “get more” button there above “cancel”? Chorus2 is what comes preinstalled, but there is a few more you can install. You can also go to the settings>add-ons section and install from Kodi repository.

You can add all the web interfaces if you want. What your actually selecting in Kodi’s settings is which one shows up by default if you just enter the IP address. You can actually switch between then on the fly by just adding “/addons/” to the url (eg

The web interfaces doesn’t affect what you see on the TV in Kodi’s UI at all. They are literally just different web pages you can pull up in a web browser that allow you to interact with Kodi.

Not that I know of, but there is some information in Kodi’s wiki and you will find a section of Kodi’s forum for most if not all of them.