Enhanced Profiles

My only RasPi2 is connected to the living room TV, and it is basically always on. I’d like to have multiple profile concerning the watched status of movies and TV shows, so that when I watch a movie with my dad or sister we can exclude media we have both seen.
Like a toggle for every person, right where you can choose “All/Not watched” in the sidebar.

I know about login profiles, but it would be clunky to create a profile for every person, and then for every couple, and then for everybody, and to switch to it every time we (or I) want to watch a movie, remembering to set a movie as watched on every other profile.

Thank you for all the work you put in this every day.


This is really a request for improvements to Kodi and or a request for an addon that will do this. Those should be made directly at https://forum.kodi.tv/ OSMC just combines Kodi with a default OS.

We are looking at doing some work with profiles (Cloud based); but not to this extent.

I see. Well, in fact I wasn’t completely sure about the OSMC/Kodi “competence” about this request. I’ll ask on their forum then. Thank you all for the prompt response!