EPG and DST change

It appears that OSMC has problems adapting o DST changes. Today the EPG was one hour off. The times were OK when I checked the TVHeadend web interface and a reboot of the Vero made the EPG adjust its time. Just wondering whether this is a known issue?

It is, now :smiley:

The (Debian) OS handles DST changes automatically. My guess is that TVHeadend is likely to be the source of the problem.

If so, then it must be in the protocol part as the webinterface showed the right times. I guess I can have a new look at it in 6 months time if someone can tell me what to look for?


I think the issue is with the Tvheadend HTSP Client. Stopping the client, clearing Live TV & epg data and restarting the client, fixes the issue as well.

Thanks Tom.

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EPG was an hour out for me so I rebooted and it’s fine now.

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OK. And who is the maintainer of the TVheadend client? I have asked the TVHeadend crew and they say it is not them.


Team Kodi: GitHub - kodi-pvr/pvr.hts: Kodi's Tvheadend HTSP client addon.

A reboot solved things for me.
You haven’t told us where the TVH server is hosted and if the time is correct on that machine.

Well I have, but not in this thread :slight_smile: It is on a separate server which takes time from NTP and the time is correct there.

Yes, I realise that I should have mentioned this.

I will log an issue in GitHub

Edit: Times in the EPG view do not seem to change on DST change · Issue #480 · kodi-pvr/pvr.hts · GitHub

You have a reply to the GitHub issue:

Long standing kodi issue. Not to be solved in the addon.


$Deity, how I hate fingerpointing… Not to mention fleeting references to something being someone else’s problem, without providing detail. (the comment on GitHub)