EPG file format

I am training to import epg data from my VU box into Simple Client or Tvheadend.
The VU file is epg.dat but seems not recognized by Simple Client. Is there a particular file format I have to use?

Not sure about this one

I’m guessing there is no standard for that.


I think it needs to be xml.

Thanks Tom.

Usually I am using the VU pvr addons in osmc, but is no longer working after last version update of the VU box, since about one week.
The logs show something wrong with the database, (sql?), or incompatibility between the osmc addon and latest VU.

However the VU addon was able to read the EPG directly from the VU box without any convertion.

Have you checked with the VU add-on developer?

No, how to find him, is he posting in this forum?

No. Check in info on the add-on page, or use Google. OSMC only distributes the add-on, we don’t develop it.