Equalizer for treble and bass control?

Hi all, I’m running OSMC on a Raspberry Pi2 on a Samsung TV, over HDMI. My audio setup consists of a mini-hifi that gets audio through the TV’s headphone jack. The problem is that my mini-hifi has excessive bass which I’m trying to fix (at least for movie playback) on my Pi2. Is there an add-on or a program for OSMC that could allow me to fine tune the bass or treble?

Note that my TV won’t allow me to equalise audio, nor does the mini-hifi has any option for that…

Thanks in advance ! You’re helping me not get kicked out of my nice apartment :stuck_out_tongue:

If you output audio over hdmi (passthrough the digital audio or using pcm stereo stream) there might be not much you can do as your tv basically handles decoding of the audio.

A little in line equalizer might be a good choice.
Also, what tv do you have? Most tvs at least have some presets to choose from.

Edit: If you have too much bass and your speakers are in the corners of the room or directly at the wall, it could be benficial to place them at least 30 cm in front of the wall or take then out of the corners.

Hmm the TV actually has equalisation options but only for when the output is not set as the analog out for the headphones. In short , plug in a cable, options go bye bye. Didn’t think of the PCM part, that could be a problem…

Thanks for the tip about the position of the speakers! No need though :wink:

Not something supported by Kodi currently. There is an add-on that can provide audio DSP:

but it’s not ready for mainstream yet.

You will never be able to adjust passthrough audio from kodi, but PCM audio over HDMI can in theory be be adjusted.

However the sink (the TV or receiver) not the source is really the best place to adjust this.

Suppose you have an CD player, a DVD player, a Pi running Kodi and a set top box.
And you prefer a piece of music to be played with a little more bass and treble. Is it better to adjust on the CD player, the DVD player, the Pi running Kodi and the set top box, or just in one place on the sink?

@popcornmix I’m 100% with you on where the balancing should take place. Unfortunately my TV and amplifier do not let me do that so I was looking for another way to do it. Thanks for that add-on, I’ll have a look and let you know :wink:

No offence but who needs a CD player and DVD player when you have kodi? I was surprised to find no support for an equalizer.hopefully someone can figure it out. I loved winamp for that. Just nice to be able to tweak the audio. Espically if you want to watch a show from the 90s with poor audio quality.

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I am building a desktop netradio based on Raspberry Pi and Hifiberry Amp+.

Do you know any solution to have at least a simple, two band equalizer in OSMC? Is it possible to add alsaeq to OSMC?

I ran alsaeqal on one of my Crystalbuntu boxes back in the day. I’ve tried to get things running since but it was just too much trouble. Heck, I can’t even get the Vero w/OSMC to output audio to both HDMI and a sound card…

I spent ages trying to get alsaequal to work with my Rpi plus iqdac. It loads OK and you get a (character-based) semi-graphical interface with sliders that move up and down, but the effect on the audio is precisely zilch. Sadly I am back to sending HDMI to my TV soundbar. I too would like to hear from anyone who has made an equaliser work, or anyone who has configured (HDMI plus IQDAC) as an audio output option within OSMC.

Be aware, that the raspberry is no dsp or anything. It relies on decoding or passing through the audio as quikly as possible. With an eq you might introduce a big soundlag or distortion/dropout if it cannot process the audio quick enough.

Edit: There is a dsp addon for kodi now. But I think it cripples performance and makes some videos not play.
Maybe it gets improved in future versions.

ADSP is just buggy at the moment.
Performance should be fine on a Pi2 or Pi3.

I’d like to give ADSP but can’t find it in any repository. Can someone point me to it, please?