Error 502 When Downloading OSMC Installer?

Getting the following error trying to download the OSMC installer to reinstall on my Vero4K+ - is the site down does anyone know?

It’s working here.
Do you know if you are connect via IPv6 or IPv4?

If you need it urgently you can directly get it from a mirror

Thanks - ipv4 but I got it from the mirror! :slight_smile:

The link is HTTP, not HTTPS. Not sure where you found that link.

Ah gotcha, thanks Sam, that’ll be my HTTPS Everywhere add on in Firefox…

Interesting. Thank you.

Looks like I need to enable HTTPS sooner than later, just not make it the default yet.


This should now be resolved.
Can you give it a check?

Well, it no longer gives an error but in my case sends me to, when ideally it should send me to, which does exist.

Works perfectly for me, Sam. Throws me straight to the OSMC installer file pop-up in Firefox without further ado… thanks, mate…

That’s intentional. We need all mirrors to support HTTPS first.