Error connection refused on SMB share


All of a sudden when trying to add an SMB share on one of Rpi’sgave me an “Error: connection refused”

So i can’t play any media or add any new SMB shares. - recent log

Hope someone can help

Many thanks

You are connecting from your Pi using the SMB client built into Kodi, to an SMB share on a PC, correct ?

Connection refused means literally that - your PC refused the connection. The most likely cause is that consumer/home versions of Windows only support a maximum of 10 inbound SMB connections at once. More than that and they will refuse connections.

How many clients do you have on your lan trying to connect to shares on that same PC ? Depending on what you are doing, each client may have more than one connection open at a time.

In fact in your log it appears that Kodi was making multiple simultaneous connections, notice the “Samba is idle. Closing the remaining connections” repeated many times in your log.

One thing off the top of my head that might cause that is if you have extract thumbnails enabled in Settings - this will cause it to scan each video within the share to extract thumbnails, and I believe it will try to do many in parallel. So make sure that setting is off. (It actually defaults to off though)

Try rebooting your PC - if it works again for a while you know that it is related to the maximum number of SMB connections being exceeded.

where did you find the log that contained that information. wss there any special setting that you had to turn on to get that info to log?


Thanks for your reply, sorry for the delay replying.

I checked extract thumbnails on both Pi’s and they were both off already.

I also tried rebooting the host PC and the error connection refused problem remains.

Very strange as it was working fine and I changed nothing.