Error during update 2023-01

Just ran the following update (via the gui) after seeing notification, and got some errors… went to check if the 4k playback was working as before, but seems to now be stuttering badly. 1080/720p footage seems ok. Uploaded logs and screenshots of specific version.

Are there any specific steps I can follow to manually resolve this and this seems to be a regular thing post updates. Had issue at the last update as well.

regards face_with_thermometer:

update : i ran the APT update and rebooted the device and this seems to have fixed the issue with 4k playback. So i guess its fixed? :slight_smile:


You shouldn’t be experiencing problems with updates regularly. If you are, I’d suggest opening a new forum post with some logs.

I moved your post to a new thread as it was not related to the topic of the thread you posted in.