Error installing latest update

I have received an error when trying to install the latest update:

Error installing: rbp2-iage-4.3.3-2-osmc
Please report this on the OSMC forum

… So here I am! Thanks.

Well it would help if you also would provide logs. Please see How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC for advice on how to help us.

“Well” if you WOULD like me to help you, it would be nice if you were a little less condescending…

Anyhoo that page wasn’t particularly helpful so I dumped everything to However I notice the bootlogs start immediately after the update failed… If I’ve dumped the wrong logs my apologies in advance, could you let me know the arguments / any particular actions I need to take to provide the right ones.


Looks all fine, maybe just try to trigger the update again

Run sudo apt-get -f install and post the output


It looks like your your SD card has an incompatibility with the sdhost driver. Can you please follow the advice in the following thread posting:

and also report your SD card make and model in that thread. Thanks.

I’m having the error as well, not too sure what’s the issue having problem to update.

I’ve tired to disable those add ons that I installed lately, no avail, problem still persist.

Error log here

Today I make

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get ugrade

via ssh.
The system crash and it doesn’t turn on: I try to remove alimentation but it doesn’t work: no display and no ssh.
So I have to reinstall everything from the begin? Is there a log that I can send to you to try to understand what happen?

Did you check your link works before posting it ? It doesn’t work for me.

It’s been discussed many times throughout the forum, do not use apt-get upgrade, always use apt-get dist-upgrade otherwise you will only partially update your system and this can cause problems.

That is way too vague to be useful. What happened during the upgrade process ? Did the upgrade process complete successfully or did an error message occur before you rebooted, if so what was the error ?

What picture do you get on the screen now when you try to boot ?

You don’t even say what device you’re running, what type of install it is etc. Without a bit more information it’s impossible to know what might have gone wrong.

I have absolutely no idea what you’re trying to say here.

Sorry if i’m too vague, and sorry for my english too.

First I run on a Raspberry Pi2,
The upgrade process stops at 63%, then I lost the ssh connection, when I try to reconnect it doen’t works: it seems that the device is turned off.

So I try to unplug the power and to re-plug it, but the raspberry doesn’t turn on: no screen and no ssh connection.

I hope it is better than the first message.

Should be sudo apt-get dist-ugrade My guess is that network updated that disconnected ssh, you should have let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes as the install would have continued. You powered down the Pi in the middle of updating. If you cannot ssh in then it’s probably best to do a clean install. In the future when updating via ssh if you get disconnected just let it go for a while to complete what it’s doing. If you looked on the ssh screen you would see the last operation started before getting disconnected was a networking update.

Is not as you say: i unplug the power after about 2 hours, so i’m pretty sure that something wrong happen before

Definetly something went wrong! But it is very unlikely that the raspberry is not showing anything after you connect power to it.
So clearly explain what you see after you connect power

Sorry, I think I forget to tick the Kodi log before upload.

Thank u!

Please provide full logs (not only kodi) and also explain exactly what is the problem you have.

Same issue here

Me too posts do no good.


I’m having trouble to upload all log. Exeed file size I think?

reboot twice then duplicate the problem, then upload logs