Error Installing Update


For the last several days I have been trying to update my OSMC but I keep getting the (less than helpful) error message “OSMC Update Error: Error installing: Please report this on the OSMC forum”.

My log files are here:

This is a RPi2.

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you.

There’s nothing in the log files you’ve provided to indicate any attempt to check for updates.

Can you try enabling debug mode in Kodi, checking for updates then posting a log again ?

Also I see a lot of these in your log:

00:49:06 101340.171875 T:1776382960  NOTICE: service.libraryautoupdate-0.9.8 : Starting network check
00:49:12 101346.234375 T:1776382960  NOTICE: service.libraryautoupdate-0.9.8 : Network down, not running

Are you having a problem with your network connection ?