Error Installing update

I have been receiving this error for a while now

I don’t see any new log entries for updates. Last entry was 2017-10-29

You are still on Jessie and mediacenter 17.5.0-1 which was released Oct 2017.

What happens if you run:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get dist-upgrade

That seemed to work updating.

But now after rebooting, the tv does not recognize anything on that input…I also cannot open a connection to the raspberry pi with teraterm…

Are you able to ping the device? What error are you getting with teraterm? Running the latest version?

I cannot ping the device anymore. (destination host unreachable). The connection times out in teraterm. Running 4.98.

I cant log on to my router gui either, I will have to dig out my old laptop that has ethernet capability

Checked the LEDs on the pi. Found green blinking 4 times. The internet tells me that is “loader.bin not launched”.

What is my next step here?..


Sounds like it pointing to a corrupt SD card. Quickest would be reinstalling, preferably to another SD card. Your card might have died which was the start of your problems.

Thanks for the quick reply. I will try that and post my findings.


So the new SD card worked…for a bit. now I am having the same problems. Any ideas?


Specifically which problems?

I don’t know how this can be caused by the pi. Maybe the router is the root of your issues?

The raspberry pi will not boot. Four blinking green leds on the pi. This is after replacing the SD card.

I have figured out router issues