Error log

since a few days my osmc setup show rather frequently error messages and tells me to have a look in the error log. My question: where can I find this error loggs?
I have uploaded my loggs to: eyacavidix
Thanks for help

You’ll have to give us a bit more to go on I’m afraid,

What error messages specifically are appearing, and what were you doing when they happened ?

The logs you provided are the right place to look - but with no idea what sort of error you were seeing looking at the logs is just searching for a needle in a haystack without even knowing it’s a needle you’re looking for…

thanks for your reply. There is nothing more. I get a sound, a brief message “radioStation? error. Check the log for more detail.” Where “radioStation?” is the name of the stream I’m trying trying to listen to.
After this happens a number of times, I get the :frowning: icon and osmc stalls. By powering off and on again the problem is sometimes gone (for one hour or two) or it is not gone.
This plagues me since approximately 1 week.
By the way where can I look at the error logs? I have used the system to send the logs, but have no clue where they are in reality.
Regards and thanks

it’s me again.
It’s annoying. OSMC issues bland error messages stating “radioStation? error. Check the log for more detail.” Where “radioStation?” is the name of the stream I’m trying trying to listen or “OSMC error. Check the log for more detail.” and that’s that. No more detail! It happens irregulary and always while I listen or browse around to find a clue. Normally I notice that an error happend because the music stops playing and I’m movig around.
No help?

What addon are you using to stream audio with ? It will be the addon that is producing that error, not OSMC itself.

I have basically the same problem as Ben, and the posted replies are not specific enough to understand. The basic problem is with addons which fail with a “look in the log file” error.
One specific case I had was the wnbc add-on.

I’ve looked for relevant log files in /var/log, .kodi/addons and .kodi/userdata. I grepped wnbc - and scanned through the ones most related and came up with nothing, so I’m looking in the wrong place. Since one sees the same message from different plugins, it likely originates from kodi.

Can you tell us specifically where to look and what to look for?

Enable debug logging in Settings -> System and then the information will be in .kodi/temp/kodi.log including the addon information

Thanks. Found it there. All errors regarding missing urls and failures in the addon plugin’spython scripts. I’ll look into it further now that I can see where the problems lie.