Error occurred while installing rdp-userland-osmc

I migrated to Vero 4K+ after using OSMC on a Pi 2 kit for some years. The migration seems to have been (mostly) successful. However, while trying to update OSMC, I am receiving the following error:

“An error occurred while installing the following pakcage:
rdp-userland-oscm (3.8.0-1)”

The logs have been uploaded:

Any help?


How did you migrate?

FYI I closed your other topic, as I suspect they are related.

Thanks Tom.

I migrated via the backup tool. I backed up my Pi2 config, and restored to my Vero 4k+.

Look like you restored more than just the Kodi config. I suggest you reinstall the Vero and just backup/restore the Kodi configuration and save configuration files from /etc/ that you need.

You could use the backup tool from MyOSMC

You can’t install the Raspberry Pi userland package on a Vero and it doesn’t make sense to do so.