Error retrieving krypton.xml.gz.md5


I’ve upgraded from Jarvis to Krypton on my RPi2 and here is an error I spot when Kodi starts:

ERROR: CCurlFile::Open failed with code 404 for
ERROR: Open - failed to open source
ERROR: CRepository: failed read ‘

Obviously the link has not been properly updated, sinci I still see a reference to jarvis. How can I solve this and replace the word jarvis by krypton? I’ve tried a recursive grep on the .kodi folder but only .log files come up. Thanks!


This is a known bug. The fix has been commited to the Krypton branch and it will be addressed in the next beta.

For now you can manually edit the repository XML

Check /usr/share/kodi with your grep and you’ll find it :slight_smile: