Error Skin Shortcuts

hi. When i restart Raspberry pi 2 , it’s very long to start and then show message “Error Skin Shortcuts” . OSMC App doesn’t start and show the message “OSMC setting service failed to launch”
here is the log

thank you.

That’s not a debug log, so we can’t get anything from that. I also couldn’t see which skin you’re using.

Do you get the error with Confluence or the OSMC skin? The issue may be with the skin you are using.

i use Aeon Nox and OSMC August 2016.08-1

i have another Rasp Pi 2 with OSMC 08.01 and aeon Nox and there isn’t this error.

I try to set OSMC skin but doesn’t works …it show “Failed to start login service”


It may be caused by another add-on then or something unique to your system. You can try moving your userdata folder away to confirm that.

i try to set OSMC skin but now OSMC doesn’t start
it soon a very long list on a screen where i can see “failed to start login service”
I have not other add-on. Only key map

how can i move my user data folder?

Without a full set of logs, it’s hard to speculate what this may be. Possibly filesystem corruption.

mv ~/.kodi/ ~/.kodi-backup

(Stop Kodi before doing this)

thanks, but it’s very difficult for me to understood…:triumph::disappointed_relieved:
i will try to reinstall OSMC on SD card.:astonished:
the problem i have Pifi digi+ card and the re-install is more long