Error updating OSMC on Raspberry Pi 3

Hi guys,

I’ve been trying to update OSMC for a while now and it kept saying I should report this error on the forum, so here I am. When updating, there is a systemd error, it failed to install the package. Here is the debug log, hope anyone can help. Thanks!

/usr/sbin/addgroup (which is a link to /usr/sbin/adduser) is corrupt. If you haven’t edited it, then this might be a sign of a failing SD card. Since the error location varies in each of the attempts to execute the script file, I’d guess this is very likely the problem.

If you haven’t been editing that file, it’s also possible (but much, much less likely) that your system has been hacked. If the SD card is OK, that would be the next thing I would check.

In addition to what @nabsltd already wrote, you were getting update errors since August 2018. As a result, a number of packages weren’t installed correctly, including systemd.

It certainly looks like a failing SD card.

I was suspecting this, I’ll get a new one. If that’s not the problem I’ll be back.

Thanks for your reply!